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Best Sites to Download Free Books

Best Sites to Download Free Books

There are many sites that provide free books and ebooks for download. One of the most popular websites is Project Gutenberg, which has over 50,000 free eBooks available.

The site provides a wide range of books from classics to modern literature. They also have a variety of languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. The site also offers books in other formats such as PDF files or even audiobook versions.

Other sites that offer free ebooks for download are ManyBooks, Feedbooks, and Smashwords.

Here is a list of the best websites to read and download free books online, along with links to their respective websites.

Best Websites to Download Free Books Online

  1. Project Gutenberg – One of the first online resources for books in the public domain is Project Gutenberg. There are numerous formats and more than 60,000 books accessible (PC, Kindle, Sony reader, etc.). It features one of the most comprehensive collections of publicly accessible literature you’ll find online.
  2. Internet Archive – The Internet Archive, which has sub-collections such as American Libraries, Children’s Library, and the Biodiversity Heritage Library, is a fantastic source for public domain publications.
  3. Smashwords – Smashwords is a free ebook publishing and distribution platform.  We make it fast, free and easy for authors and publishers to distribute ebooks to the world’s largest ebook retailers and library ebook platforms. 
  4. Library Genesis – A search engine for free reading content, such as ebooks, articles, periodicals, comics, and more is called Library Genesis. Almost three million ebooks and 60 million articles are indexed by Library Genesis.
  5. HathiTrust Digital Library
  6. Open Library – All of the free ebooks on The Internet Archive are listed in an easily searchable directory provided by Open Library. The variety of novels offered could surprise you. Nearly 1.5 million books make up the entire collection.
  7. PDFBooksWorld – What if you prefer reading in PDF over the other two popular ebook formats, EPUB and MOBI? Reading PDF ebooks hasn’t exactly gone out of vogue yet, even if EPUBs and MOBIs have essentially taken over. This is for good reason: PDFs offer universal support across platforms and devices.
  8. Planet eBook – Classic literature can be read for free at the appealing website Planet eBook. For offline reading at any moment, you can download any ebook on the website as a PDF, EPUB, or MOBI file and read using the Book Reader App. So there won’t be anything to distract you when you read books like Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, or Wuthering Heights.
  9. Feedbooks – Feedbooks is a terrific resource for finding new, upcoming authors because it provides free public domain books in addition to original works from authors who upload their literature to the website. In addition, Feedbooks is a useful tool for spreading the word if you’ve been aching to publish a book.
  10. Loyal Books
  11. ManyBooks – More than 50,000 public domain books are available for free download on ManyBooks. The website is set up to make finding books as simple as possible. Authors, titles, genres, and recent additions can all be filtered. One of the easiest websites to utilize for finding and downloading free books is this one.
  12. Authorama – Authors like Mary Shelley and Hans Christian Anderson are among the many authors whose books are available at Authorama. This is a fantastic place to start if you’re seeking the classics.
  13. Europeana
  14. Classic Literature Library – This website for public domain books is very neatly set up into collections, including Classic American Literature, Classic Italian Literature, Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare’s complete works, Fairy Tales, and Children’s Literature, among many more.
  15. Classic Reader
  16. Google Books – The majority of the public domain eBooks available on Google Books are in the classical literature category. To find all kinds of public domain books, search Google Books or the main Google search engine. Just be certain to select the Free Google eBooks filter.
  17. Online Library of Liberty – Individual liberty, limited constitutional government, free markets, and peace are all available to readers of the Online Library of Liberty for free download and are all in the public domain. History, economics, the arts, law, religion, and more are among the categories.
  18. Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) – Read the great Christian works from over the centuries of church history. You can discover everything here, including Bible studies and research materials. Some books are also available in MP3 format, along with releases in PDF, ePub, and PNG file types.
  19. Free eBooks – This website is a great resource for all kinds of free ebooks, including romance, mysteries, and educational novels. You may find The Real Law of Attraction Code, Blockchain Secrets, and Poetry in Spoken Word on a site that offers a broad selection of books in a range of areas.

The above are the top sites to read free books. If you are a book lover, you should take full advantage of them. These sites will help you find new books to read and download. You’ll need a great book reader app to read your ebooks. Download Book Reader to easily read all your downloaded books on your phone.

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