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Best Comic Sites: Read FREE Comic Books Online

What websites do you like to read comics on? being bombarded by lengthy pages of text all the time? Do you yearn for some visual support to satisfy all the cravings that your imagination has? Simple: comic books are the best option. And this post is dedicated to those comic book aficionados.

Here is a list of the best websites to download free comic books.

Best Websites to Read Comic Online

  1. Webtoon – Webtoon can best be described as YouTube for comics if you’re not a user. There is a paid tier and adverts on the free site.
  2. Getcomics – GetComics started as an alternative place to get downloaded comic files, particularly US-based comics published by DC and Marvel. The comics that are shared in GetComics are totally free.
  3. Marvel
  4. Read Comics Online – Website to read DC and Marvel Comics Online for FREE. Read Comics Online for Free.
  5. Comic Book Plus – The original and best place to read and download Golden and Silver Age comic comics is Comic Book Plus. Additionally, it contains a significant and expanding collection of pulp literature and comic strips.
  6. Archive of Our Own – The website Archive of Our Own, often known as “AO3,” is a shelter for fan-created works. In addition to having a sizable amount of fan fiction, it also features artwork and, most notably, comics.
  7. DC Kids – Where can I find DC Comics to read online? DC Universe Infinite is available, however, it costs money and is restricted by area. DC Kids, fortunately, provides free kid-friendly issues.
  8. ComiXology
  9. ComicFury – ComicFury is a website that hosts webcomics and also has tools that allow creators to easily and freely develop a comic-hosting website.
  10. Digital Comic Museum – Golden Age comics in the public domain have been made available for years by Digital Comic Museum. It is extremely similar to Comic Book Plus, except on CBP viewing doesn’t require an account, but here access to the entire books is offered after creating a free account.
  11. Newsarama
  12. Internet Archive – The Internet Archive’s goal of offering archived versions of the Internet for the reference of all site visitors is likely its most well-known accomplishment. But it also aspires to serve as a digital library, and the repository for comic books and graphic novels is a component of that goal.
  13. ElfQuest
  14. GetComics
  15. Arkhaven – When compared to Webtoon and Archive of Our Own, Arkhaven is a rising star. Since its debut, the website has received close to 10 million views, a solid amount that will undoubtedly keep rising as long as the site is active and has talented artists.

The above are the top sites for free comic books. If you are a comic book lover, you should take full advantage of them. These sites will help you find new comics to read. You’ll need a great comic eReader app to read your comics. Download Book Reader to easily read all your downloaded comics on your phone.

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